Women Talk Money
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At WOMEN TALK MONEY, we publish books about women and money and we encourage women to begin talking with each other about money.

The WOMENTALKMONEY woman wants to know more about money but she doesn't know where to start. She may have built up some negative beliefs about her ability to deal with money effectively. Our philosophy is that we start by beginnng to talk openly with other women who may be in the same boat. That's right! We need to start talking about money.

We've been taught ("carefully taught") not to talk about money and that is getting in our way. Statistics indicate that, across the board, women are not doing well in the money department.

Whether we look at income, pensions, or home ownership, women are lagging far behind. Women earn less, live longer, and have less put away for retirement than men do. We need to start talking about money and keep talking about money until that changes.
Find information and resources:
Womentalkmoney.com has published two books so far: a women's primer and a gift book of quotations about money. We have plans for 3 more books next year: a men's guide, a primer for teens, and a children's book.Our BOOKS page talks about our books and other books that we think are terrific. We'd love your input too.

Our STATS page will give you some data about women and money and you can request a free report - 4 pages of statistics with references. Our TALK page features some quotations about men, women, and money.

Our WEB SITES page talks about some of our favorite sites for women and for teens. And we have a brand-new page specifically for teens. For more on teens, go to womentalkmoney.com/teens.html.

Mostly, we want to have fun and take some of the pain out of money. Money is way up there on the list of stressors, and too many of us take money way too seriously. That's part of the reason it can make us so anxious. It's only money -- just a body of information like all the other information we have mastered. WE CAN DO THIS if we do it together, as we live well, laugh, and learn.

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Ready? Let's talk money.